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    Special Event Disco in Exeter

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    Party Disco Exeter

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    Party Disco in Devon

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    Wedding Disco in Devon

Great Wedding Discos never cut corners!

It’s a wonderful experience – you found the perfect partner, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with – and you decide to celebrate your commitment by getting married!

My job is unique and amazing – I get to help lovely couples of all ages transform that celebration into something really special – turning memories of a day into legends to last a lifetime.

You will be working with top specialists to advise and perfect every step of the way – priest or registrar, dressmaker to cake baker, florist to videographer – but at the end of the day – all around the world and since the dawn of time – it’s time to party…

Wedding Disco Devon 300x225 - Wedding Disco in Devon

People having fun! Richards Time Machine Mobile Disco

A good disco will be the perfect centrepiece of your wedding reception – no other entertainer can be as versatile and flexible, with infinite range and control over music, lighting, sound and atmosphere. (I carry over 10,000 songs to every party, including all your requests organised and planned in advance – I even supply request flyers to go with your invitations so I have your guest’s choices ready as well.)
Sadly many people don’t realise the difference a top professional wedding DJ will make compared to a cheap alternative. The best way to find out is ask their clients – people will soon let you know if they were happy or not – according to DJ Magazine, around 78% of customers who cut corners by booking a cheap disco regretted their decision as what should have been a lovely family party turned into a disaster. (See my reviews)

PA1200011 300x224 - Wedding Disco in Devon

Richard played all our requests…

I have known couples spend more on a cake than on their disco – only for the cake to be completely forgotten about after the cutting…

By contrast your disco has the potential to bring all your guests together in one big happy gathering, come rain or shine, lost rings or late taxis, all will be forgiven if you get the party right!

Best of all, my fee will be one of the smallest bills you get on the day, so why not call me to discuss your ideas for the perfect party – it may cost a lot less than you think…
so please don’t cut corners…!