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Quality Disco – but what is Quality?

“A Quality Wedding Disco – The Perfect Finale for your Perfect Day”

Richards Time Machine Mobile Disco is a Wedding Party Specialist with years of experience, providing the highest quality entertainment for you, your family and your guests.

I am based in mid-Devon and travel throughout Devon and Cornwall, supplying Discos for around 70 wedding parties every year – for more information, photos and reviews go to www.richardstimemachine.co.uk

But what exactly do I mean by quality?
– Is it the biggest, the brightest, the loudest? – probably not!

I believe the same rules apply for all the very best wedding service providers – passion, care and commitment.

Your DJ must be passionate – not just about the music he loves, but in matching his love of music to your wishes and the atmosphere in the room on the night.

He or she must genuinely care – not about their image or in looking cool, but in focussing and using all their professional skills and knowledge to ensure you are having a great time, your party is going with a swing – and every guest in the room feels included.

They must also be completely committed – your DJ will work longer hours than almost everyone on the day, sometimes driving considerable distances to arrive and set up in good time.

They will look after you throughout the evening, announce the speeches, coordinate the cutting of the cake, and guide you through your first dance, generating audience support and participation for you all the way – not to mention packing up and heading home after everyone else has gone!

Your DJ should have the same values as your dressmaker, your florist or your chef – if you want good soup, buy good ingredients! The quality of the disco will directly reflect in the success of your party – and relatively speaking, a good quality disco is not expensive.

Many newly-weds try to cut costs by booking a cheap disco for the most important event in their lives – they often regret it! A good disco can be one of the smallest expenses on the day, but booking a quality show will ensure you round off a wonderful day with a great celebration for you and your guests to remember and talk about forever – your party should become a family legend!
Richard’s Top Tips –
Don’t try and cut corners – a good quality disco need not be expensive, and can be far more popular, inclusive, flexible and fun than other forms of entertainment.
Discuss your ideas with your prospective DJ – does he sound caring, motivated and professional? Try to go along and see him at work – most brides will not mind if he okays it with them first.
Have a look at their website – are there reviews and photos to give you an idea of what they can offer?
If you would like further advice, or to discuss your own requirements in detail, please feel free to phone me anytime on 01837 811172 – or email richard@richardstimemachine.co.uk.