How far in advance should we book the DJ?

As early as possible to guarantee the DJ you want – some bookings are made years in advance! One advantage of booking early is the price is fixed at the start. However, we often find availability at short notice – please ask…

What are the advantages of choosing a DJ over a live band?

The three main advantages are Cost, Practicality and Flexibility.

A good quality Band may cost roughly three times as much as a similar Quality Disco.

A Good Disco will be slick, compact and well presented when setting up, and quickly able to supply appropriate music and lighting as the venue is being turned round ready for the evening Party.

We supply almost every type of music, to suit all tastes and ages – unusual requests can be sourced in advance. We have full control over volume, and operate at exactly the right level for every occasion.

Will we play music you like?

Absolutely! We offer full consultation, and welcome your Playlists and musical choices – we are working for you at the end of the day, and guarantee to play all your “Must Haves.” We supply printed Request Slips to go out with your invitations, plus “Text Your Request” slips for every table. However, we are experienced in getting the whole room onto the dance floor – that’s where it pays to give the DJ some flexibility.

Can we cater for guests of all ages – and varying tastes?

Based on your wishes, we play music to appeal to all your guests!   We use our knowledge, experience  and intuition to play the right song at the right time – at the correct volume.   Good communication skills are also essential, so everybody knows what’s happening, where to be, and what to look forward to. If the music’s good, and the atmosphere is attractive and engaging, your guests will join in regardless of their age.

When should we have our first dance?

Never do your first dance too early. The optimum time is around 8.30pm – this gives the party time to warm up and a chance for you to meet and greet your guests, who all want to congratulate the Bride and Groom. We have some great suggestions on how to make your First Dance really special – even for the shyest Brides and most reticent of Grooms! – let us guide you and support you, and make sure there are lots of cameras at the ready – it will be a truly magical moment! Your guests can join you part way through if you wish – taking the pressure off you, and including everyone in the celebration.

Will the DJ play our music selections, no matter how diverse?

Indeed, he will. Once the DJ has built up the dance floor energy, your more eclectic choices and personal favourites can go down a storm – mixing up the musical genres is part of the fun.

Will the DJ be offended if we list every song we want to be played?

Not offended, but this can really kill the party. If you’re paying good money for a Professional DJ, you’re paying for their knowledge and experience. If you choose all the songs and the order in which you want them played, we will of course follow your instructions. However, a Good DJ will know how to link your choices together with more general crowd pleasers to create a flow that is as seamless and inclusive as possible.

How many songs would typically be played during a 4-5 hour reception?

We find it is approximately 17 songs per hour, so roughly 70 – 80 songs.

Can we ban certain songs – how about a Veto List?

We always ask clients if there are any songs they don’t want us to play. If requests are received for these, they won’t be played, and guests generally understand why.

What makes a good first dance song? We need help! Any classics to suggest?

This is a tricky one – over the years, we are of the firm opinion it doesn’t matter what kind of song you choose, as long as it is special and meaningful to you. Our best advice would be to practice your first dance at home – is the tempo comfortable, are the words appropriate, how does it make you feel? Much better to find out in advance than on the night!

As mentioned before, we have many ways we can help make this a truly wonderful experience – please get in touch, we are always happy to help.

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